Victoria Davis
Program Specialist; Union County

"I became involved with CCHS because I wanted to work with adults with disabilities. I wanted something more out of my job rather than it being "just a JOB" I was clocking in for. CCHS has given that to me. There are so many different roles you can do in this field. It's a very diverse and I love that! CCHS has given me the opportunity to learn new skills and grow with the organization. CCHS is important to me because it gives me a place to not only to work and provide for my family but to grow as an individual. Our mission is very important to me because without these individuals I wouldn't have the best job in the world today. They allow me to help them grow and learn new skills. I always say the individuals will always teach me more than I could ever teach them! They give me a purpose for my life! I hope to help the individuals we support to be the best they can be and have a fulfilling life!"

Phone: (937) 597-2709
Experience: 5 years as DSP