Supported Community Living



Supporting Independence Through Community Living

Supported Community Living provides waiver based, in-home support that maximizes independence, and seeks to help promote individual growth through achievement of personal goals.

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Supported Community Living provides direct support for every aspect of individuals’ needs including personal care, social services, and transportation. Our staff of trained professionals encourages individuals with disabilities to increase their independence by achieving self-sufficiency in activities of daily living, completing personal goals, maximizing personal interests, developing meaningful relationships, and engaging as members of the community.

Supported Community Living provides information, support, and services focused on four key categories: Housing, Community, Advocacy, and Goals. SCL serves individuals in over 60 locations throughout Franklin, Madison, and Union counties.

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Supported Community Living works with the county to identify available housing options that meet the needs of the individual. Based on this availability, individuals are able to choose their desired living arrangements, alone or with roommates, and preferred type of housing that fits within their personal budget.


The Supported Community Living team, led by the individual, works to create a person-centered plan that maximizes self-sufficiency and independence and prioritizes the goals of each person. Key members of the team include:


Supported Community Living individuals are able to access the community whenever they desire through our reliable accessible transportation services. Many take advantage of this availability to attend:

  • Work and volunteer opportunities
  • Community events
  • Attending religious services of their preference
  • Recreational activities
  • Vacations (out of state and international available)

Learn more about our Transportation Services.


Self-advocacy is encouraged whenever possible. However, SCL ensures that every individual has trained professionals to advocate on their behalf during the course of everyday living.

  • Social Services Team – The social services team works as an advocate for the emotional and social needs of individuals, and help to link them with community supports. They also obtain and maintain all benefits, social histories, and consents.  They ensure that individuals’ rights are observed and help to resolve any grievances that individuals may have. They are also able to assist with setting up pre-need funeral arrangements.
  • Payee Account Specialist – The Payee team provide assistance to individuals who need support in managing personal financial affairs, including training to assist an individual with acquiring, retaining, or improving related skills. These services range from bill-paying, maintaining personal bank accounts, tracking individuals’ monies to ensure compliance with Social Security regulations, preparing individuals’ monthly cost-to-live reports, and disseminating the reports to appropriate parties, and helping individuals with monthly budgeting.
  • Scheduling – The scheduling team works to ensure that staff is present when needed in each individuals’ home. We offer preferred staffing, giving individuals a choice in who provides their care. You may reach the scheduling team by emailing, or

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