Park West Court Apartments



Transitions to Independent Living

Park West Court Apartments supports individuals in their choices by providing individualized planning, programming, and services. A dedicated team of professionals works together to identify opportunities that build upon the capabilities of each person, promoting personal independence and community membership through a consistent, educational approach to everyday living.


Situated among the trees on the west side of Columbus, Park West Court Apartments offers individuals the opportunity to build independence in a safe, supportive environment.

Eight separate apartments are spread throughout the campus, each accomodating up to eight people. Our apartments are designed to enhance privacy and meet the unique needs of every individual. Personalized rooms are important, and individuals are encouraged to decorate theirs as they like. Apartments residents eat meals together, which we refer to as “family style dining”. Direct support and nursing staff are available 24 hours a day to assist individuals as needed and help them work towards greater independence.

Each apartment faces a beautiful courtyard and includes porch swings, picnic tables, and grills. The courtyard is a wonderful gathering place for cookouts and live-music events.

Adjacent to the apartments, our administrative offices provide space for our therapy team, programming team, and the large recreation room.


Park West Court Apartments provides individuals with exceptional care by a team of experienced professionals, ready to meet the medical needs of all residents.

Nursing Services
Our on-site team of nurses is available to provide care 24 hours a day and are equipped to manage gastronomy feeding tubes, tracheostomies, wounds/wound VAC therapy, IV therapy, oxygen therapy, catheter care, and many other specialized conditions. They also assist with coordinating medical appointments and the scheduling of medical transportation.

Medical Services
Park West Court Apartments also has the following medical specialties available as needed for on-site visits: primary care, psychology, psychiatry, podiatry, ENT, dentistry, ophthalmology, audiology, neurology, wound care, and hospice.

Therapeutic Services
In addition to medical services, the following therapeutic services are available:

  • Occupational Therapy
    Occupational therapists work with individuals to achieve functional outcomes that promote health, prevent injury, and develop, improve, or restore the highest possible level of independence and community integration.
  • Physical Therapy
    Physical therapists work with individuals to restore, maintain, and promote physical function, wellness, fitness, and quality of life.
  • Speech Therapy
    Speech therapists assess, treat, and compensate in the following areas: communication disorders, augmentative and alternative communication, swallowing techniques to include texture modification and liquid consistency evaluations and feeding strategies, motor speech and speech intelligibility, social communication, and cognition.
  • Dietary
  • Counseling
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At Park West Court Apartments we believe that every individual is capable of achieving greater independence. Guided by the individual, a team of professionals works to create a person-centered plan to help them achieve their goals.

Each person-centered plan is comprehensive and encompasses :

  • What is important to the individual
  • Individuals’ goals and the strategies designed to help achieve them
  • Personal care and dietary information
  • Adaptations and appliances that support mobility
  • Communication preferences
  • Work and day service information
  • Safety, risk, and supervision needs
  • Medical needs
  • Other service areas (laundry, housekeeping, leisure, money management, etc.)

The team assisting each individual in their person-centered plan includes:

  • Direct Support Professional (DSP)
    The Direct Support Professional provides assistance as needed with activities of daily living, personal care, community integration, and work towards the achievement of individuals’ goals identified in their person-centered plan.
  • Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP)
    The QIDP assumes primary responsibility for the integration, coordination, and monitoring of the person-centered plan and active treatment programs for each individual on their assigned caseload. They coordinate with therapists, ancillary, and day programming to provide professional services related to the person-centered plan.
  • Social Services Team
    The Social Services team works as an advocate for the emotional and social needs of individuals, and help to link them with community supports. They also obtain and maintain all benefits, social histories, and consents.  They ensure that individuals’ rights are observed and help to resolve any grievances that individuals may have. They are also able to assist with setting up pre-need funeral arrangements.
  • Payee Account Specialist
    The Payee Account Specialist ensures that any bills an individual may have are paid on time, and prepares their personal allowance checks. They process and maintain documentation of individuals’ over or under earnings. The payee also maintains the weekend petty cash and is responsible for documenting all bank deposits and withdrawals of individuals’ personal earnings.

Individual participation in the greater community is crucial for building the independence needed for community living. Individuals living at Park West Court Apartments have the option to participate in their communities through:

  • Work and volunteer opportunities
  • Community events
  • Attending religious services of their preference
  • Recreational activities
  • Exciting vacations (out of state and international available)

Park West Court Apartments also offers respite options to individuals for up to 90 days. Respite stays are requested for various reasons including medical needs, hospice care, therapy needs, behavioral needs, family needs, and other emergency situations.

During a respite stay, individuals are able to receive 24-hour staffing and nursing services, as well as therapy services. Please view the medical support tab for detailed information on the services available.

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