New Year Brings New Exhibitions to Open Door Art Studio & Gallery

We are excited to announce the release of our exhibition calendar for the 2020 season! Mark your calendars now so you won’t miss any of these great shows and we’ll see you at the opening reception!
Exhibition Dates: 3/14/20 – 4/17/20
Opening Reception: 3/14/20 from 5-7 PM

Objects seen in abstract works are always subjective! Travel through abstracted worlds with an exhibition comprised of works that are open to subjective interpretation.

Exhibition Dates: 2/8/20 – 3/6/20
Opening Reception: 2/8/20 from 5-7 PM

The human figure has been described as the ideal of beauty, and Open Door artists are featuring it as a work of art! Embodiment presents a collection that honors the beauty and grace of the human form in a body of work not to be missed!

Exhibition Dates: 5/9/20 – 6/26/20
Opening Reception: 5/9/20 from 5-7 PM

We are opening our doors to creative collaboration! This Inspired That invites selected community artists to handpick an Open Door artwork that sparks creative vision. They then use that spark to create a response piece, relating to the original through content, stylization, or subject matter. The two works are displayed side-by-side in an exhibition that highlights artistic admiration.

Exhibition Dates: 7/11/20 – 7/31/20
Opening Reception: 7/11/20 from 5-7 PM

We are mixing things up with an exhibition comprised solely of multi-media artworks. An Open Door first, Mix it Up features works created utilizing two or more materials. With mixed media works galore, there is bound to be something you’ll adore!

Exhibition Dates: 8/8/20 – 9/25/20
Opening Reception: 8/8/20 from 5-7 PM

Join us for Role Reversal, an exhibition curated by Open Door artists and featuring artworks created by Open Door staff. Can the staff of Open Door rise to the occasion and create an exhibition worth of artwork? One thing’s for sure – the Open Door artists won’t let us not!

Exhibition Dates: 10/10/20 – 11/6/20
Opening Reception: 10/10/20 from 5-7 PM

A princess held at the mercy of a fire-breathing dragon? A sorceress who has discovered the secret to eternal life? A brave warrior who must save the world from ultimate destruction? Well, Imagine That! Join Open Door on a fanciful journey with an exhibition filled with works of wonder!

Cue the Music
Exhibition Dates: 11/14/20 – 12/6/20
Opening Reception: 11/14/20 from 5-7 PM

Art and music go hand in hand in this exhibition that pairs the visual with the auditory. Open Door artists are feeling the rhythm and creating art inspired by their favorite songs. QR codes will link you to the songs that inspired each piece, so be sure to bring your headphones, or use the ones provided for this interactive exhibition that will have you dancing the night away!