New work by Open Door Art Studio & Gallery Artist Christopher Bowsman on Display in Expressions: An Artist Curated Gallery Space


Expressions: An Artist Curated Gallery Space features exhibitions created, curated, and marketed by the artists themselves! Running concurrently with the main exhibitions at Open Door, these exhibitions give the artists we represent the chance to learn and develop key skills on their journey to becoming professional artists. I’ve Seen Things, work by Christopher Bowsman is on display now through May 4th, 2018 at Open Door Art Studio & Gallery. Don’t miss it!

Cerebral palsy is not just a disability, but a fundamental part of my identity that informs my art, my daily life, and my worldview. Art is a way for me to extend my abilities and share my experiences. I put all the stories I’ve read, my education, and the pop culture I’ve consumed over the years into my art. When I paint, I’m creating a conversation between myself and the viewer of things that make me laugh, think, or something dealing with my own personal philosophy.

My influences range from the mythologist Joseph Campbell to German philosophers like Nietzsche, Kafka, and Goethe. They all posit that the physical body is something to be overcome (or sacrificed) so that the mind can create something that will outlast an individual life. It just happens that my time was influenced as much by ’90s video games, superhero trading cards, and internet memes as it was by philosophies and historical events of either my time or of 19th century Germany.

I let my mind extend my physical capabilities, and at the same time create a physical record of that extension, of it’s Zeitgeist and place in time. Ultimately, I hope my art reflects my own personal history, imbued with my humor and personality.