Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. Partners with The Ohio State University to Improve Communication

Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that all of the individuals we support have a voice (even those who do not use words) and can communicate their basic needs, interests, and make choices in their daily lives. To make this goal a reality, we have partnered with The Ohio State University’s Department of Speech & Hearing Science to offer an internship position focused on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Selected interns will expose individual participants and service staff to 3 alternative modes of Augmentative and Alternative Communication: American Sign Language (ASL or adaptation), picture exchange booklets/boards, and use of speech generating devices (iPads or others). Interns will also assist with the assessment of individual communication abilities and preferences and help create functional communication opportunities within the day program environment and in the community.

We are excited about the possibility of new and enhanced communication capabilities, enabling individuals to lead more self-directed lives.