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Dedicated to Empowering Life Stories

Career, Activity, & Community encompasses career development, sustainable life-skills, and integrated community experiences that give every individual the opportunity to live their own powerful life story.


At Career, Activity, & Community we focus on helping individuals develop work skills that can be used to obtain meaningful, community-based employment. We give individuals the opportunity to explore their career options and seek jobs that best fit their skills and interests.

We provide a variety of supports to assist individuals in achieving their employment goals such as:

  • Career exploration
  • Community-based job assessments
  • Job seeking skills
  • Resume building
  • Interview training
  • Job coaching & on the job training
  • Job retention services

We work with each individual to create a personalized pathway to employment that addresses the unique needs of each person and provides the support they need to have a successful career.

Through our many relationships with businesses in the Central Ohio area, we are able to successfully place candidates in jobs that match the needs of employers with the interests and abilities of each individual.

Referral to Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. for career services can be made by agencies, Columbus City Schools, families or any interested individual.

For more information on career services, please contact:
Margot Nayuki at 614-641-2900 Ext. 3268

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Career, Activity, & Community also offers individuals the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities while experiencing a number of unique, on-site stimulating environments such as:

  • Kitchen – Learn new or enhance existing cooking skills alongside supportive staff who provide instruction and support when needed. Become a Kitchen Helper or a member of the Janitorial Crew to learn valuable job-skills and income.
  • Nature – Develop a “green thumb” in our on-site greenhouse and seasonal outdoor vegetable garden.
  • Art Studio – Create one-of-a-kind masterpieces, display your work in the community, and have the potential to make some additional income.
  • Dream – Craft projects limited only by your imagination.
  • Sensory – Enjoy unique multi-sensory experiences. Our sensory room is equipped with 3 ceiling lifts, enabling wheelchair users access to all experiences.
  • Shredding – Help the environment by shredding documents to be recycled, and earn additional income.
  • Movement – Achieve new skills designed to increase mobility and independence.
  • Multi-purpose – Play a variety of sports and games, with the help of adaptive equipment if needed.

Individuals are able to choose among activities and community experiences throughout the day as they desire.

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At Career, Activity, & Community we give every individual the opportunity to participate in integrated community experiences and form relationships with other community members. We offer numerous community experiences daily for individuals to choose from based on their specific interests and goals such as:

  • Neighborhood discovery
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Special events
  • Clubs
  • Special interest activities
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At Career, Activity, & Community you make all of the choices regarding the services you receive. You are able to choose:

  • When you want to be here
  • What work opportunities you would like to have
  • What you want to do while you are here
  • The things you would like to or would not like to do in the community
  • Who you want to spend time with

We work with you to design a person-centered plan to help you reach your personal and career goals, whatever they may be.

What is the process for enrollment?

The county SSA directs referrals for day programs. Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. cooperates with county boards for admissions. Individuals wishing to be enrolled in Career, Activity, & Community must:

  • Have a diagnosis of DD
  • No longer be eligible for school services
  • Medical needs will be reviewed on an individual basis by our medical team to ensure that needs are able to be met
  • Have Behavior Support Plans that can be implemented safely
  • Live in Franklin County or provide their own transportation
  • Provide their own lunches and snacks. Food must be within physician ordered diet and be prepared to the proper texture. The individual must provide his/her own adaptive equipment if needed.
  • Must attend a minimum of 75% of enrolled sessions per quarter (excluding excused absences).
  • Sign a copy of the admission criteria and appropriate consents before participating.

Individuals, along with their county SSA and family/guardians can schedule a tour during which a pre-admission interview will be conducted. This interview will assess the interests, needs, and wants of the individual. After the tour, an admission committee meeting will take place to determine if Career, Activity, & Community can meet the identified goals, needs, and wants of the individual. If all parties are in agreement that CAC is a good fit, an intake meeting will be scheduled. Upon admission, the first 30 days are considered a trial period.

How do I pay for my services?

Career, Activity, & Community accepts Individual Option waivers, Level One waivers, SELF waivers, ICF-ID, and also offers private payment options.

Is there a waiting list?

At times, it may be necessary for Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. to suspend or postpone new admissions to the Career, Activity, & Community program due to staffing, building or equipment capacity limits, or other miscellaneous circumstances.

In the event, that an individual cannot be admitted due to one of the circumstances above, they will be placed on the waiting list.

Notification will be made when an individual has been placed on the waiting list. Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. will also refer the individual to the county board SSA for assistance in seeking out other providers of specific services at the individual’s request.

Individuals on the waiting list will be accepted based on the order in which they were received and according to the specific vacant service slot.

Individuals and their service teams will be notified when there is a foreseen opening for the individual for admission. The team will then begin the admission and intake process.

Are your facilities accessible?

Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. promotes accessibility and the removal of barriers for all individuals and other stakeholders.  These barriers might be physical, environmental, financial, communication, transportation, community integration, employment, or attitude.  If you identify a barrier
that we can assist in removing, please let us know.

Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, orientation, age, national origin, or disability.

What are the program hours?

The CAC is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m; each individual may choose the days and times they wish to attend.  First Shift is 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Second shift is 10:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sessions rotate every 40 minutes to allow individuals to experience different opportunities internally at Career, Activity, & Community and externally in the community. Individuals have the opportunity to participate in work, community experiences, and activities of their choice and can also choose to change or refuse experiences at any time.  Individuals drive all experiences offered.

Career, Activity, & Community is closed for all major holidays.

What qualifications do your staff have?

All employees of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. must meet the following requirements:

  • Acceptable BCI background check
  • Acceptable BMV background check
  • Ohio Abuse Registry background check and all other regulatory exclusion databases
  • Substance Free Drug screening
  • Acceptable physical
  • Extensive orientation training
  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • On-the-job Training
  • Participation in annual training schedule
  • Completion of Positive behavior support Training
  • Proof of auto liability insurance
  • Certification through DODD for adult services
  • Individual Specific Training – Ask Me Profile & Path to Employment

How are person-centered plans created?

The Career, Activity, & Community staff and administration work together to ensure compliance with all areas of the person-centered plan for all individuals.  When an individual is enrolled, they are assigned a Career, Activity, or Community Coordinator based on their individual choice.

The Program Manager creates a career profile with each individual to determine their career, activity and community goals. The individual will choose which activities and experiences they choose to participate in.  A path to employment will be developed outlining individual career choices.  The Program Manager and/or Coordinator is responsible for attending person-centered meetings and providing updates on the individuals’ progress. At the end of each month, the Coordinator will forward the monthly summary of documentation outlining all experiences to the individual or to the residential provider as requested.

Whenever there is a need identified at the CAC which is not outlined in the plan, the assigned Coordinator will call the respective guardian, residential provider agency, SSA, and any other team members to request an addendum meeting to the ISP/IPP. In addition, if therapy services or evaluations are needed at the CAC, necessary referrals will be made.

If an individual has a concern about their experiences or daily needs, he or she can speak with any staff member at any time to discuss their concerns.

Can you accommodate individuals who need specialized services or supports?

Career, Activity, & Community is committed to ensuring all individuals receive the specialized services and supports they need throughout their experiences. Below are some of the specialized services and supports we offer:

  • Opportunity to be evaluated by Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists
  • Storage of adaptive equipment for each individual as outlined in their plan so that the individual or provider do not have to take items to and from day center
  • Ensures that individuals are transferred from their wheelchairs daily for up to 45 minutes as outlined in their specific plan
  • Multi-sensory activities for those who desire sensory stimulation
  • Provides for dietary restrictions, texture modifications, thickened liquids, and monitoring of intake
  • Can provide bolus tube feedings and flushes
  • Can monitor participants with oxygen
  • Opportunities for community memberships and partnerships
  • Opportunities to explore money making opportunities in shredding, kitchen helpers, and creative vocational opportunities
  • Behavioral specialists work with staff and participants to develop guidelines to decrease target behaviors and increase socialization and independence
  • Staff also work with ICFDD or Nisonger to provide formal behavior plan data on a monthly basis
  • On-site Nurse is available at all times when individuals are present

Do you provide transportation?

Curb-to-curb transportation can be provided for qualifying residents in Franklin County through our Non-medical transportation services.  We have a variety of vehicles equipped with wheelchair lifts and tie-downs which promote safe, accessible transportation for all individuals.  Career, Activity, & Community staff will also assist with arrangement for other transportation providers, public transportation, etc, per individual choice and preference.

Learn more about our Transportation Services.


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