A Heartfelt Message from Our Board of Directors

To the Dedicated Employees of CCHS,

This pandemic is something not seen ever in our lifetime and its impact extends across all aspects of our lives as citizens of this country.

We are viewing this health crisis from the perspective of parents of a daughter, Amber, supported by SCL and as members of the CCHS Board. As parents, we cannot thank all of you enough for your willingness to remain on duty to support the individuals; many of whom do not fully comprehend the health crisis we are in. As Board members, we are proud of each of you for your dedication and professionalism in responding to this crisis whose end we do not currently know.

Like most of you we also have many extended family members including siblings, grandchildren, and other family members who we are greatly concerned about. We know all of you also have your concerns about your family including children, parents, grandparents, etc. and yet you come to work to take care of individuals who need you so much. You need the money to pay bills, but you could be working at other places where your potential exposure would be much less. You could also stay at home to oversee the care of your families. Yet here you are working to help others.

We have been in touch with the administration of CCHS, and been informed of the actions taken to ensure the welfare of the individuals supported by you and also to help reduce the exposure and challenges each of you face in your work. Not everything was predictable and many issues were outlined and prepared for in reaction to a crisis.  One of this immensity was definitely not predictable. What has been a strength of the organization is the willingness of everyone to jump in and do what is needed. Instead of reacting in nonproductive ways to unforeseen circumstances staff have responded in a positive fashion and found solutions.

Hopefully, this crisis will end within a few months and things return to “normal”. Again, our heartfelt gratitude to each of you. There truly aren’t words to express how much you are appreciated.

With Our Deepest Gratitude,

Nate & Linda Griffin
CCHS Board of Directors Members