Supported Community Living

Supported Community Living

Supported Community Living (SCL) is a division of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc (CCHS). CCHS, Inc. prioritizes health, safety, personal goals, and promotes positive community roles for individuals with disabilities.

SCL is currently certified for individual options, level one, and self waivers for:

  • Adaptive and Assistive Equipment
  • Adult Day Support
  • Homemaker Personal Care
  • HPC Transportation
  • Non-Medical Transportation – Mileage
  • Non-Medical Transportation – Trip
  • Nutritional Services 
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Social Work
  • Supported Employment – Community
  • Supported Employment – Enclave
  • Vocational Habilitation

Our Core Values

To faithfully fulfill all contracted services described in the IPP/ISP.  To give the highest priority to the Health and Safety of each individual served.  To strive to support measurable outcomes for each individual including:

  • The opportunity to choose and achieve personal goals
  • Options in where to work
  • Participation in life of the community
  • A positive role and reputation in the community 
  • Development of friendships and relationships

To develop a professional and consistent Staffing Team, selected by each individual.

To provide access to transportation, as desired.

To promoted the opportunity for choice and satisfaction in all aspects of their daily life.

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