CCHS provides a wide range of quality services and is committed to helping an

underserved population achieve personal goals, skills and experiences that

may not otherwise be possible. The compassionate and skilled team members

and volunteers of CCHS are determined to overcome the financial barriers

limiting these experiences and opportunities but cannot do it without the

support of caring individuals like you!

When you donate to CCHS you are making a positive impact on the lives of the individuals served by providing much needed funds for things like:


  • Special Event and Project Support– Throughout the year CCHS holds special events such as camp retreats, holiday celebrations, community outings and much more. CCHS offers an opportunity for individuals to participate in events and activities with their peers and community in an environment that is accessible and without labels. Your support means we can continue to make these experiences available and accessible to everyone.


  • Specialized items– Many individuals need specialized clothing to accommodate their physical needs as well as other specialized equipment such as communication devices. With very limited funds available these items can be difficult for an individual to acquire but can make a world of difference in the quality of day to day life.


  • Programming Support– With all the different services CCHS provides, we are in constant need of updated equipment and supplies to ensure the best experience possible for the individuals we serve. With your help we can be sure everything from new paintbrushes to community access tools are available and ready when needed.

Your support means so much, thank you for helping us further the mission of CCHS!


CCHS welcomes dedicated volunteers who support our goals, vision and mission to provide meaningful opportunities through individualized support and mentoring. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available, please contact us at to learn more.
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