The CAC (Career, Activity, Community) provides a multi-faceted environment where individuals are given the opportunity to develop and acquire new skills. Our goal is to provide meaningful experiences and social opportunities. The CAC goes above and beyond to ensure all individuals receive specialized services throughout their experience at our day center. There are opportunities for community outings and special events. The CAC offers clubs that are based on interests, to go out in the community to do a variety of activities such as, enjoying a cup of coffee at a restaurant, visit the grocery for the center’s kitchen and cooking classes or to join volunteer opportunities and partnerships.

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Supported Community Living (SCL) is an experienced provider of comprehensive in-home supports serving individuals with disabilities in central Ohio since 1989. There are many different setting for SCL including apartment buildings, family homes, town homes and settings with roommates. SCL staff works with individuals and families to ensure the best fit and provide supports that meet the needs of the individual and their personal interests. The needs of the individual come first, and we focus on elevating the quality of life they experience.

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Employment Services provides vocational training and career development for individuals seeking employment in the community. We strive to guide clients through all phases from preparing a resume, completing the application/interview process to on site job coaching. Our experienced team of dedicated Job Coaches will work as liaisons between the employer and employee to identify needed natural and agency supports, overcome obstacles and insure job success.

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Transportation Services provides safe and reliable transportation for individuals with disabilities between home, work, adult day programs, and events throughout Franklin, Union, Delaware, and Pickaway counties.

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Park West Court Apartments (PWCA) is an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. We are an apartment complex setting on the West side of Columbus with 3 buildings, each having 3 individual apartments with 2 individuals per room. Individuals enjoy a safe and friendly home-like setting, which promotes health and welfare. The apartments are fully staffed 24 hours a day with competent, highly motivated support staff. At Park West the individual is the driving force; the team meets to identify opportunities that will build on the capacities and functional capabilities of the individual.

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Open Door Art Studio (ODAS) empowers artists with disabilities to develop unique, artistic voices and to experience opportunities afforded through the arts. We believe that creativity knows no boundaries and that all individuals deserve an environment for “expression without limitation”.

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Little Fish Art Studios serves as an eclectic venue, uniting Little Fish Studio Columbus, Little Fish Studio Marysville, and Open Door Art Studio.

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CCHS Screenprinting is a branch of the CCHS. When you order your custom screen printed apparel from CCHS Screenprinting, not only are you getting the best quality and price you are also supporting the mission of CCHS in providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

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CCHS Union County – CCHS provides a variety of opportunities in Union County such as Supported Employment through industry partnerships, art opportunities through Little Fish Marysville Art Studio and transportation and residential supports.

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