Park West Court Apartments

 Park West Court Apartments

Park West Court Apartments (PWCA) is an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. We are an apartment complex setting on the West side of Columbus with 3 buildings, each having 3 individual apartments with 2 individuals per room. Individuals enjoy a safe and friendly home-like setting, which promotes health and welfare. The apartments are fully staffed 24 hours a day with competent, highly motivated support staff. At Park West the individual is the driving force; the team meets to identify opportunities that will build on the capacities and functional capabilities of the individual.

  • Daily leisure and recreation activities.
  • Access to a variety of artistic and sensory driven activities in the community.
  • Elaborate, energized and fun filled vacations.
  • Enjoyable family-style dining experience.
  • Person Centered Approach – the team comprising of the Individual, guardian/family, QIDP, QA, medical director, program director, speech therapist, dietitian, nursing, occupational therapist, physical therapist, recreation, social services, direct support professional, psychologist and work/day programming meets on a regular basis to help each individual plan for their desired future vision and goals.

  • Social Services Team:
  • Advocates for the individuals, guardians and family members.
  • Assist individuals with the grievance process.
  • Help maintain benefits including Medicaid and Social Security.
  • Assist with setting up of a special needs trust, pre-need funeral arrangements and advanced directive planning.
  • Safe and reliable transportation services to work, day programs, medical appointments, community events and vacation destinations. 

  • Comprehensive Medical Care Treatment:
  • 24 hour nursing services.
  • In-house physicians and specialists – auditory, podiatry, vision, dental, x-ray, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychiatry, mental health counseling.
  • Specialized services for complex medical needs – IV therapy, oxygen therapy, gastrostomy feeding tubes, tracheostomy care, catheter care and hospice services.

About Park West

Park West Court Apartments, a non-profit organization is licensed through the Ohio Department of Development Disabilities and certified through the Ohio Department of Health on behalf of the Federal Medicaid Agency, CMS. Since its inception in 1983, Park West has provided exceptional care by trained professionals ready to meet the wide range of medical and personal care needs of the individual residents. With a focus on quality care and a family atmosphere residents at Park West truly have a nice place to call home.

Park West Court Apartments provides a warm and supportive environment for adults to live, learn and work. Individualized programming is designed for each resident to increase independence in preparation for community based residential options.

Individuals participate in community events, recreational activities and social opportunities based on person-centered plans addressing their unique interests and goals. The staff at Park West creates a consistent and educational approach to everyday living building on skills such as independent care techniques, socialization and community connections.

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